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Meet Kofi Adih

Vice President of Property Management & Licensed Realtor

In 2017, Kofi Adih joined Hylton & Company as Vice President of Property Management and Acquisition. His love for real estate and the community made him a natural fit for Hylton & Company. Being an entrepreneur at heart, in 2013 Kofi founded Aya Enterprises, a real estate investment company focusing on procuring and renovating homes he purchased in Petersburg, Virginia. Kofi credits his parents with introducing him to entrepreneurship, as they were business owners in Petersburg and Hopewell, Virginia. He will continue to operate Aya Enterprises while employed at Hylton & Company.

A graduate of Norfolk State University, Kofi earned an MBA from Fayetteville State University in late 2018. He enjoys serving his community as a member of various civic organizations and as an executive board member for Shaping Up Our Future, which is a local nonprofit organization specializing in youth engagement.

Kofi also serves in the Army Reserves as a logistics officer. During his military career on active duty and in the Army Reserves, Kofi served in various positions including managing over 100 Soldiers to managing the transportation of vital commodities for thousands of Soldiers in Afghanistan. He lives in Petersburg with his wife, Ashley, and their three children.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Services
The owner and his staff are beyond measure when it comes to customer service and professionalism. I found them to be very efficient. Regarding reliability, I am a 100% satisfied renter. My degree of confidence in the business has been elevated because i have found that this business is operating in a trustworthy manner and continuously make good faith effort to resolve any of my concerns.
google-logo Patricia
You won’t find a more professional group to work with than Hylton and Company. Our business has been a tenant of theirs for over 2 years, and they’ve always been very communicative and eager to assist us.
google-logo Mathew
Great property management company. Excellent service and great professionalism.
google-logo Colin
LeQuan and his team are the most professional and friendly group of people I’ve met in this business. They’ll break their back for you to ensure all your needs are met. I’d recommend them to anyone.
google-logo Isreal
Five star operation. Hylton & Company are the very definition of professionalism. Every aspect of home management is handled with expertise, reliability, and thoroughness. I would recommend this company to everyone!
google-logo Robert
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