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Need Help Renting & Managing Your Property?

Get Quality Tenants That Pay On Time & Take Care Of Your Property

Get a Freen Rental Analysis

Personalized Property Management Services in Richmond
You Can Count On

Transparent Communication & Accountability

Transparent Communication & Accountability

6-Month Tenant Guarantee.

6-Month Tenant Guarantee.

No Upfront Cost

No Upfront Cost

Why We’re The Leading Property Management Company in Richmond, VA

With our 6-month tenant guarantee and zero upfront costs, you’ll also receive:

  • State-of-the-art management technology to maximize your property’s ROI.
  • Single point of contact for all owner needs
  • Online submissions and tracking of work orders and requests
  • 24-hour call center for potential tenants — and an online process for scheduling showings
  • Weekly vacancy reports keep track of marketing, number of showings, and feedback from potential tenants
  • Rent collections from tenants by the 5th of each month and direct deposits for owners deposited by the 10th of every month
  • Secure leases
  • Year-end tax preparation is made easy with monthly comprehensive statements and end-of-year summary
  • Dedicated support staff including full-time property management staff — with a combined 120+ years of property management and real estate experience
Get help renting & managing your property
Military Service Members Choose Hylton & Company

Have you been reassigned and need to rent out your house in a hurry?

When it doesn’t make sense to sell your home, leave the process of renting it out to us. With our signature screening process and our 6-month tenant guarantee, we’ll find the ideal tenants to take care of your property — while they take care of paying your mortgage.

With our regular inspections and thorough documentation, we’ll stay up-to-date on all maintenance and repairs to keep your home’s value at it’s highest.

We’ll rent out your home until you return
We Find High-Quality Tenants For Your Home

With our 6-month tenant guarantee, we find your tenants fast — yet we never cut corners.

We thoroughly pre-screen all prospective tenants, including comprehensive criminal background checks, income verification, and rental histories. A licensed real estate agent or one of our property managers always escort them onto your property as they view your home.

It’s important to us that our tenants are responsible and care for your property —so we continue to optimize your home’s value.

Our extremely low eviction rate — and the happy homeowners who return again and again — tell the story: we never settle for anything less than the highest-caliber tenants.

Get Help Finding Great Tenants

Tenant Screening

We thoroughly prescreen every prospective tenant and always escort them onto your property.


Should a tenant need to be evicted from your property, we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to.


Monthly comprehensive cash flow statements show you exactly where your funds are going.


We take care of all routine and emergency maintenance, including 24/7 emergency response for major repairs — all coordinated with your approval whenever possible. We secure the very best pricing to maximize your return on investment (ROI).


We advertise on high traffic rental, real estate classified websites, and social media to get your property rented right away. We offer no up-front leasing or marketing fees for lease-ups.

Property Inspections

We inspect and photograph your property at regular intervals, including when tenants move in and move out — so we can make repairs right away to maintain your home’s value.

Rent Collections & Direct Deposits

We collect rent and deposit it directly into your account immediately. Our collections process is both professional and thorough — we’re proud to be extremely diligent in collecting timely rent from all tenants. You’ll also receive 1099 and year-end statements for all expenses.

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