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Your Handy Guide to the 5 Most Common Rental Property Repairs

Owning and managing an income-producing property is no easy task, especially when rental property repairs is part of the equation. As a landlord who self-manages their property in Richmond, you know the worries and struggles of making repairs yourself. You dread the incoming text or phone call from your tenants, letting you know something is
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What to Do If the Pipes Freeze in Your Rental Property

As the weather grows colder and temperatures drop to unbearable degrees, landlords worry about frozen pipes in their rental property. Having frozen pipes can lead them to burst, costing you thousands of dollars in damages. Not to mention, your tenants may be displaced. Frozen pipes may be more common than you think. According to the
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Where to Find the Best Property Management Company Near Me

Searching for a property management company to manage your rental properties can be a daunting task. A simple “property management company near me” search on Google can help, but there is so much more to finding a reputable company you can trust. There are plenty of benefits to hiring a property management company, including saving
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