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Why Hire Us

Providing High-Quality Real Estate & Property Management Services

For Single Family, Multifamily, Commercial Management


We handle all routine and emergency maintenance, including 24/7 emergency response for major repairs. We coordinate repairs with your approval, unless it’s an absolute emergency. Our maintenance request process is transparent to owners and tenants. We fight on your behalf to secure the best pricing to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Property Inspections

We conduct move-in, periodic, and move-out inspections. Documentation and photographs from these inspections assist in determining needed maintenance and repairs to maintain your home’s value and avoid costly repairs if left unattended.

Rent Collections

We collect rent and deposit it into your account immediately. Our collection processes are professional but tough, and we are extremely diligent in collecting rent through a systematic, timely process. We also provide 1099 and year-end statements for expenses.


We aggressively advertise our vacancies to get them filled – faster. Your property is advertised on high traffic rental, real estate classified websites, and social media. Each prospective tenant is pre-screened and accompanied into your property by one of our staff members or by a licensed real estate agent. We offer no up-front leasing or marketing fees for lease ups.

Rental Rate Reports

Receive reports on the latest local rental rates to maximize the ROI on your property.


We provide monthly comprehensive statements of cash flows that identify exactly where funds go and for what reason. We direct deposit rent to owners each month. No hidden or confusing charges.

Scope of Services

  • Payroll Outsourcing (ASI)
  • Partnership Management
  • Electronic distribution of financial information Electronic Payables
  • Escrowing for taxes and capital improvements for the owners
  • Benefit Management/Bidding of Benefit Packages
  • Annual Review with Appeal (if necessary) on real estate taxes on property by Property 
  • Facilitating the filing of Personal Property Taxes (as it relates to managed properties)
  • Lease Administration including Cost, Accounting, and Maintenance (CAM) reconciliations, utility billings, and any other items required by lease provisions.
  • Asset repositioning and stabilization of properties
  • New development and construction consultation
  • Move-in, Move-out, and Periodic inspections
  • Filing of multi-state payroll taxes
  • Construction/Rehab Management Services
  • Lease ups
  • Rent collections
  • Direct deposit for owner draws
  • Mixed use management
  • Investment evaluation services
  • Insurance evaluation consulting
  • Tax Credit Compliance
  • Audit Supervision (year end tax packages)
  • Vendor Compliance 
  • Negotiation of third party fees
  • Budget Preparation
  • Human Resources and Payroll Services
  • Mortgage payment coordination 
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
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What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Services
The owner and his staff are beyond measure when it comes to customer service and professionalism. I found them to be very efficient. Regarding reliability, I am a 100% satisfied renter. My degree of confidence in the business has been elevated because i have found that this business is operating in a trustworthy manner and continuously make good faith effort to resolve any of my concerns.
google-logo Patricia
You won’t find a more professional group to work with than Hylton and Company. Our business has been a tenant of theirs for over 2 years, and they’ve always been very communicative and eager to assist us.
google-logo Mathew
Great property management company. Excellent service and great professionalism.
google-logo Colin
LeQuan and his team are the most professional and friendly group of people I’ve met in this business. They’ll break their back for you to ensure all your needs are met. I’d recommend them to anyone.
google-logo Isreal
Five star operation. Hylton & Company are the very definition of professionalism. Every aspect of home management is handled with expertise, reliability, and thoroughness. I would recommend this company to everyone!
google-logo Robert
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